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  • The Way She Tells The Truth.

    The Way She Tells The Truth.

    Isn’t it odd when a man calls a woman crazy and hysterical when he tries to minimize her while all she does is expressing the fierce truth. In this world she is not safe. This world can’t keep her without harm. She is not crazy. She in fact is brave. And they tell her to […]

  • Step Into The Light

    Step Into The Light

    To investigate the truth you must open your mind It’s very necessary to do both these days You’re trying to understand what moves the person next to you Maybe his or her convictions inspire you You might not agree Perhaps it upsets you Or it even revolts you Sturm-und-Drang is what it takes And that’s […]

  • enigma : poem

    enigma : poem

    when you look down from heavenly clouds see the small stroll around pick up their breakable spirits some battling for land and their traditions others just praying for time ☆ how must it be observing what you shaped with love wondering how it came that far this beautiful earth do we have time? ☆ going […]

  • friday poem: the wild

    friday poem: the wild

    you’re wandering through forests and mountains like a restless soul without them life is ordinary — you find meaning in being into the wild withdrawing yourself from the pale world only then life is running through your veins like an overflowing river only there you see clarity in all things around you — by immersing […]

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