The Way She Tells The Truth.

Isn’t it odd

when a man calls a woman crazy and hysterical

when he tries to minimize her

while all she does is expressing the fierce truth.

In this world she is not safe.

This world can’t keep her without harm.

She is not crazy. She in fact is brave.

And they tell her to behave?

Now this is insane.

There’s something suspicious about these men.

They aren’t being humane and neither they see her as one of them.


Men who say women who speak up

about the violations of their basic rights

are ridiculous

should think twice.

They can’t degrade her a second time.

Disrobe her dignity. Again.

Shouldn’t they wish for a safer world for her too

instead of killing the whole discussion with their worthless words.

And why these men are so obsessed by telling the world

she’s a damn menhater, a feminist, which is apparently the same.

It’s because their ammunition has weakened.

They fade away in her light.

They can’t stand her rage

that moves like the waves of an ocean

her words hitting ashore

leaving everyone breathless.

The way she tells the truth.