Buenos días hermosa playita. 




On mornings like these I feel the richest woman in the world. This is our home. Here you see beautiful pictures of Cala Tarida’s beach on Ibiza of today, March 7.

It’s almost too good to be true, right?

Nothing is what it seems..

Like many pictures you see on social media, showing you the perfect lives, the gorgeous bodies, the flawless faces, the success stories, best jobs and the brightest colours, they don’t tell the real truth. Under the surface there is something not completely right, there are troubles, worries and fears. There are tears screaming to break free, well hidden under layers of beauty and happiness. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Nothing is perfect. Nobody is happy all the time. Let me tell you these stunning beach photos don’t expose the real truth neither.

Plastic beach

As I walked on the beach this morning there was nobody, not even people with dogs playing around. I first watched the waves crashing on the sand, I looked at the crystal clear water and the sun shining on the surface of the sea. I started walking and with every step I took I saw waste spread around. A container, bottles, one boot, a broken bucket and thousands of tiny coloured pieces. Blue, red, yellow and green particles spread over the sand. Also hidden under it. Lids, straws, juice boxes, packaging, tampax shells. All I saw was plastic. Every step I took there was litter. I started putting the garbage in the broken bucket. Only a few meters further the bucket was full.


I looked down and seeing the thousands of tiny plastic pieces everywhere, especially after the stormy days we have had, I felt hurt. Truly. And I know why it hit me so hard this morning. It’s because this is my home and therefore I feel affected by it on a personal level. I witness the pollution, the damage, with my own eyes. These years living near the sea made me realise how much I respect the sea and all what’s living in her. Her mystery. She’s never the same. On stormy days when she is wild I love her even more.


When I was removing the rubbish I man walked down from the stairs, he works for the municipality. He started to clean like he does every day here. He pointed me the parts of the beach he cleaned yesterday and said he has to start all over again each day as the litter never ends.  It’s a real tragedy and people have to become much more aware of this problem which is worse than we ever imagined, he said. The plastic waste pollutes seas and beaches all over the world. He thanked me for helping him and I could put the waste in the little vehicle upstairs if I wanted so he could have it recycled later. I thanked him for the work he does.

Not in my backyard

As I walked my way home I thought that most people will just start to care when they feel affected by it. Like I do now. We tend to only come in action when the problem gets to our doorstep. When it’s still far away we don’t feel the effects and we don’t change our behaviour. Without us the seas would be still full of life instead of the plastic garbage we keep on producing massively.


A while ago I shared a short video clip I made on social media of the micro plastic and cigarette-ends polluting the beach of Cala Tarida. I wanted to make another video today to show you, but decided not to. I decided to show only the beautiful side.

On Instagram there are many initiatives and organisations who are doing beach cleans. They show the amounts of garbage they remove from the beaches and it’s really astonishing. I read about a huge beach clean in Mallorca a few days ago and only a few hours after the people started cleaning they already collected 500 kg of plastic pollution. It’s great that people come together and make it better. It’s difficult to understand why this is needed in the first place.

So here I show you only beauty, no ugly plastic. Just realise this beauty isn’t 100% real.

There’s ugliness if you look well, but you can’t tell from the pictures.

There’s suffering under the surface. In fact, there’s a real tragedy going on.

I just love this sea, this beach and those we have on the island and elsewhere in the world. They deserve so much better than this. They deserve to be cared for. Not to be used like a huge garbage dump. Let’s treat the seas and our environment with love and respect just like we love our partners, parents, our children, friends and pets.

Finally, here are just two simple things everybody can do to make a change:

  1. Don’t buy plastic water bottles. Take a re-useable bottle, full it up with water and take it with you.
  2. Ban straws. If you’re ordering a drink say clearly you want it without a straw.

If we all do that, straws will be no longer polluting the beaches and seas. Especially when the holiday season arrives, let’s pay attention to this. We don’t need straws anyway. The same goes for the plastic bottles.

Are you joining?

Feel free to share this post. The more people starting to care, the better.

Con Amor,












The Way She Tells The Truth.

Isn’t it odd

when a man calls a woman crazy and hysterical

when he tries to minimize her

while all she does is expressing the fierce truth.

In this world she is not safe.

This world can’t keep her without harm.

She is not crazy. She in fact is brave.

And they tell her to behave?

Now this is insane.

There’s something suspicious about these men.

They aren’t being humane and neither they see her as one of them.


Men who say women who speak up

about the violations of their basic rights

are ridiculous

should think twice.

They can’t degrade her a second time.

Disrobe her dignity. Again.

Shouldn’t they wish for a safer world for her too

instead of killing the whole discussion with their worthless words.

And why these men are so obsessed by telling the world

she’s a damn menhater, a feminist, which is apparently the same.

It’s because their ammunition has weakened.

They fade away in her light.

They can’t stand her rage

that moves like the waves of an ocean

her words hitting ashore

leaving everyone breathless.

The way she tells the truth.







A Minimalist Life – part I –

My life is simple, I’m not afraid to confess that.

In this life where things are complex -the world is far from simple- how can we lead a “simple life”?


It all began three years ago when my love and I moved to the Spanish island, Ibiza. We wanted to live our lives more slowly and free under the Mediterranean sun. The long Dutch winter months we started to detest and going abroad, where the sun wasn’t hiding under layers of thick, grey clouds for many months of the year, had been on our minds for several years already. We loved to live our lives in Amsterdam and it certainly was a beautiful and abundant life, but we felt it was time for some change. A sabbatical year ended and now after three years we still feel very much committed to stay on Ibiza. Our lives have become simpler here on the white island as we experience we need less than before. We have a roof over our heads, a little beach-studio which we rent from an Ibizian family. It has the tiniest kitchen – in a closet! – and no bedrooms, but enough space for us. Actually, the terrace with a dream-view at sea is the reason why we fell in love with this place.

We work and earn way less, but meanwhile we experience more freedom, for example to do things we love: to be outside, bike in nature, to write poetry and start that novel, to become an eco-builder and start building a tiny house. We don’t need to work and earn money for buying the stuff we think we need. Besides, we are together without kids. I guess that makes the difference, although I have seen couples with kids leading a minimalist life on Ibiza too.


I’m honest when I say that I feel happy without having many things. I don’t need them to be happy. I’ve never been a material girl anyway, that has made it probably easier too. I still have my old iPhone, never replaced it, and yes, I enjoy having a new laptop (granted by my employer :). It gives me possibilities, like doing one of the things I love most (to read & write). I think I have become more selective in what I buy and keep. You have to declutter and make choices what to bring or not when you move house or in our case emigrate to another country. I found that both hard and relieving. Especially the boxes with books I had to give away was hard and something not to dwell on for too long. Anyhow, I find very much comfort in the thought that somebody else is enjoying them now!

That I call my life simple is not only about having less things, it’s also about having more time by having more control over my time. Before we needed to earn money to be able to pay the mortgage of our house and bills and to save some part as well. Therefore we had to work more hours without enough time for other important things in life. Furthermore a simple life for me means lifestyle choices and making them more consciously, like buying local food, use the bike instead of the car (our van) and by doing this supporting the miserable oil-industry as less as possible, say goodbye to television and learn more about philosophy and spirituality and other subjects that enrich my soul, add happiness and meaning in my life.


Last weekend we watched the documentary “MINIMALISM” http://minimalismfilm.com on our laptop at home. Yes, we can call ourselves minimalists.. I recognized much of it (never made the 6-figure salary before having started my minimalist life though 😉 ). Yet the documentary was a bit of disappointing, didn’t hear anything new and the price (15 US dollars) to watch it was quite overrated too, but I do believe this documentary has an essential message of truth. It says we don’t need all the things we consume in order to lead happy lives. We don’t need so much stuff in our lives and to believe owning so many things makes us happy is a misconception. We live in a material world where we over-consume and on top of that the media are feeding that material desire in us big time. Don’t we need that new dress, trendy bag or beautiful sofa in our lives to feel (more) happy? Didn’t we work so damn hard for this and don’t you think we earn it? Of course we do! And we got to have it, the sooner the better. The famous scene where you see hundreds of people waiting in line to be able to buy the newest iPhone and running across the store like maniacs to get one is quite sad and embarrasing, but shows the greed in us which, I believe, characterizes modern life.


However, we have a choice. Always. We can choose ourselves to do it differently and if you want to, step by step. We can choose to become more aware of the consequences of buying certain things, like, for example, clothes which are made under unworthy circumstances. The fashion-industry is huge, especially fast fashion, and we all need something to wear, don’t we? So supporting fair trade and ethical clothing is already an important step. I have bought just a few new clothes the past three years. It absolutely doesn’t mean that I don’t care about clothes anymore, but what I have bought most I bought second-hand at a market here on the island so these clothes get a second life. In summer you hardly need any clothes anyway as the sun don’t let you wear that much; having less clothes works absolutely fine here. On top of that, I work from home and nobody sees what I’m wearing so most of the time this results in wearing a few favourite pieces over and over again. I suppose being “nonchalantly” dressed in a modern office in Amsterdam like I am here on Ibiza would be less simple and possibly not appreciated.

Yes, I believe we can choose to experience more freedom and happiness in our lives by making our lives simple(r). It works for me and I’m still learning.

Don’t be afraid to make your life simple(r)!

Stay tuned for “A Minimalist Life – Part II -”!!

Con Amor,


Soul searching..

Stuck at the airport at the moment. Flight to Ibiza has been delayed to 03:00 in the morning!! That means enough time for a new post!

I’m doing some soul searching lately and earlier in my notebook I wrote some words about why I am here, what my purpose in life is.

So why not sharing these notes on this blog? I’m still working on it, but I already know it should be something like this..

Alright then, here it comes:


I’m here to feel life 

in discovering the layers of my existence.

Travelling to my innerself, the soul I am

I’m finding her, almost there.


I’m here to make that connection 

in using intuitive power

and being receptive by letting go

trusting it’s okay, yes I am okay


I’m here to dance to the drums

of music within, the rhythm of life 

and surrender to inner and outer beauty

by seeing perfection in an imperfect world


I’m here to see the stars at night

letting the faraway light shine through,

knowing these little openings from heaven, 

like the Eskimo’s say, are the ones who live close to us


I’m here to love the man I love

for endless circles around that magical ball of fire

we walk together in plenty of sunshine and through rainy clouds

it all makes sense


I’m here to express truthful words

with joy and passion


I’m here to tell a story.. (and I’ll find that story)



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