Intentional 2018

It’s Friday and twelve days of the new year have almost passed. 2018 is still fresh, young and hopeful. I’ve read quite some posts from people on Instagram, some of them just random strangers, people from all over the world, telling how they feel about 2017 and what their intentions are for this new year and what they want to achieve. It’s such a typical phenomenon, social media, the (personal) things, thoughts and pictures people share. 15 years ago we couldn’t imagine we would share our lives with the whole world like we do today. I feel like a voyeur sometimes when a scroll down the posts with images, stories and read other people’s words that are mostly personal. Words on social media can be so uplifting and inspiring, therefore I am happy with its existence, but it can also be hollow and false.

New commitment

While reading these intentions or new year’s resolutions I was thinking about mine. Do I have intentions for this new year? I would lie if I said I have no intentions at all. They are to be achieved in the long term. Within two weeks I start with an online writing and social media course of three months. It’s an American course and I’m really excited about this. I thought it’s time to learn some new stuff about things I like doing. Although I have mixed emotions with social media I find it a fascinating phenomenon, because we can use it in a way to create beautiful things, to share messages and beliefs that are important for ourselves and others. I expect to experience and learn more of social media’s usefullness in the course. Business wise it’s also interesting to know how to use social media more effectively.

The weird thing is I’m a bit nervous for it too. The course will take me around two days each week with assignments and all for three months, so yes it’s intensive. I have noticed a hesitation to commit in general these past years while we live on Ibiza (however I do commit to the island and to build a life here together with my man). It must be really something I want to do otherwise I can’t commit. Things have worked out that way, I want to be free to do only the things I wish to do. It might sound spoiled and drastical, but I believe it isn’t. We have one life and we better live it in a way it feels close to who we really are. Why spending a lot of our precious time on things we rather don’t like to do? So I gave myself this present last week, to follow this course! It’s a well thought decision as improving some skills would never harm me and it’s fun to learn new stuff. The course also holds sections about journalism, ethics and editing. Who knows the many new insights I will get from this.. 🙂

Focused sexy chef

These past days I have put my phone away most of the day. I noticed this brings me more focus. Another “thing” I like to work on this year. I really need it. Being more focused on the things I do. Last summer when I went for dinner in one of my favorite places on the island, an outside restaurant with tables in a Mediterranean garden where flamenco and bossa nova bands perform, I noticed how beautiful it is to work and to be with focus and dedication. I saw the chef in the open kitchen preparing the tasty dishes and regardless the many visitors that had to be served he was working calmly, but steadily and with full attention and care and he kept doing so the whole evening. I wondered what it was, the reason why I was so attracted by this sight. I thought it (and the chef) looked quite sexy too. It was all about FOCUS. Not many people I know have it on Ibiza. It’s a volatile island. People come and go. Starting with things, but not completing them. Having plans that change often. Letting themselves distracted easily. By alcoholic drinks? Drugs? Not the right people? The sun? The fun?


I believe the winters here is the best time to work on things. There’s less distraction, less people, it’s calm. The challenge is to find this focused state in ourselves regardless our surroundings and our seasons…

In case you have them, what are your plans, intentions, new year’s resolutions – or whatever you call it – ?


Con Amor,






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