Bodies & Minds

So here they are, the last hours of 2017. The last week has been beautiful and sunny on this island. Perfect days to walk on the beach to get some fresh air, the wind in my hair and contemplating this year that is almost history now.

Love your body

With a head of thoughts and daydreams I looked down to the confetti on the beach. These colourful billion bits of plastic spread around the beach, just like real confetti, only this is certainly not something to celebrate. I just pretend for now this sea polluting waste is confetti and this very last day of 2017 I celebrate my man and I are healthy and so are my family and friends. Hopefully the people around us are happy with their lives or finding ways to improve their well being and quality of life. The reason why I feel this strongly now is that once again I have realised how damn lucky you are if you live in a healthy body. A body that works and you feel comfortable in.  A body you love. Your house. A body like a place you trust and cherish. It’s certainly not something to take for granted. All of a sudden your body can turn into an enemy, into something you can’t trust anymore, you’re losing it… When illness slowly kills your body while your mind and spirit want nothing else than to live, because yes there is so much to live for! It must be one of the hardest things in life.

Appreciate and love your healthy body, the life you’re given, the love you have. We owe it to ourselves and to those whose minds and hearts are desperate to live, but their bodies don’t let them. Let’s all take care of that body, feed it well, love it, move it and shake it!

A healthy body and spirit

There’s so much to wish for, but I’d like to start from the essential fundaments: healthy bodies and healthy spirits for every one of us. Let us be the gatekeepers of how we feed our bodies and minds. It’s a serious task and it will really surprise us in a positive way!

I wish you a healthy new year with lots of bubbles tonight!! (yes you can!)

Con Amor,



Image found on Instagram. Credit: unknown.




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