How are you doing?

Hang in there!

Times could be stressful for you. At home with small children, kitchen table transformed in an office desk, trying to finish your to-do list. Or taking care of the sick, vulnerable and the elderly. No freedom to go on the streets, to cycle, to walk in the park, to go to the beach, to have a late afternoon glass of wine on a terrace somewhere together with loved ones. No freedom to just go somewhere.

Or maybe you’re all by yourself for weeks in a row and there seems no end to it. Maybe some old weaknesses emerge to the surface again. You eat too much, can’t stop drinking at night, you lose your temper. You’re glued to your mobile phone chatting with family and friends and scrolling through Instagram seeing what everyone’s doing in these crazy times. Followed by being glued to your laptop to read all the news and all opinions every philosopher, writer, journalist, teacher, spiritual guru, politician, scientist, filmmaker and activist has on what’s going on in the world right now.

Don’t drown please, be patient with yourself and take care of your mind. Protect it and nourish it by reading a book, listening music, writing, yoga, exercise or meditating. Don’t drown. There’s still so much noise in this lock-downed world. Maybe even more, if you allow yourself to hear it all.

We always talk about healthy bodies, but to get a healthy body, we need a healthy mind and vice versa. Mental health is under extreme pressure and I’m thinking about those who are struggling right now.

Especially you, who are alone. Don’t drown. Don’t get caught too much in all what’s written about this pandemic. It’s simply too much. Don’t let the noise take over your mind. Stop and breathe. Breathe in and out. And do nothing. Watch the noise passing by and breathe. You are the beams of light shining through the blackness. You are love. Bake a cake.

Are you still here?

I’ve got a link to a new article, it’s about the beauty of humility. I have always loved humble people. Humility isn’t a weak and unwanted asset in life and it’s definitely not the same as “modesty” as people may think. Read more ⟹ here on Elephant Journal 🐘.

Feedback is much appreciated! If so inspired, below the article on the article page itself. Thank you.

Hang in there!

Con Amor,


Dutch writer and blogger and Green Gorilla, who previously worked as a jurist/legal counsel in the Netherlands. I chose to live my life on the sunny Balearic Islands in simplicity, with respect to our beautiful planet, together with my soulmate and our two rescued cats. EVALUNES has been created to share my writings about the things I care. I write with love. Con Amor. Always.

2 comments on “How are you doing?

  1. Annemarieke Falcone

    ❤❤ stay safe


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