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  • Thank You For Leaving Me.

    Thank You For Leaving Me.

    I saw sadness and loneliness in your eyes, the first time I looked at your face. I saw pain and desertion hiding under your smile. I didn’t know what it was that haunted you. It caught me. Like I knew somehow you were suffering and there seemed to be no way out. Like I knew.

  • “Will You Witness Me?” Spreading understanding through poetry and human rights advocacy.

    “Will You Witness Me?” Spreading understanding through poetry and human rights advocacy.

    The world needs the poets, artists, musicians, painters, writers and photographers to help us witnessing and understanding the suffering in the world. Especially the pain of “forgotten people in forgotten places”.

  • You Wished you were that Girl who played the Drums.

    You Wished you were that Girl who played the Drums.

    Have you ever looked at a woman and thought she has it all together?

  • dankzij de zee {dutch poem}

    dankzij de zee {dutch poem}

    de ingeslopen angst voor het onbekende als bergtoppen rijzend in oneindigheid de gejaagdheid van de tijd ze nemen bezit van mijn lichaam dringen mijn geest binnen en heersen over de dag. onbestemde gevoelens laat ze maar ertegen vechten heeft geen zin. het temmen van gedachten kent speciale wegen. de stenen in mijn maag de brokken […]

  • Angel


      Sometimes I think angels descend from their heavens because they have to see how we are. … Their temporary home is here with us, but they already have lived thousands of lives and keep coming back to this world. Sometimes in different shapes a tree, a bird, a beating heart. … You must be […]

  • remember


    the mother shield that protected me gave me life i hold on remember where i’m coming from the love that shaped me from save darkness within into the light i received when i came into the world the breath i feel in my lungs the blood that runs goes through my veins life captured in […]

  • enigma : poem

    enigma : poem

    when you look down from heavenly clouds see the small stroll around pick up their breakable spirits some battling for land and their traditions others just praying for time ☆ how must it be observing what you shaped with love wondering how it came that far this beautiful earth do we have time? ☆ going […]

  • My winter on Ibiza

    My winter on Ibiza

                                       —>> silentsouldiers poetry by evalunes <<—   Con Amor, Eva             

  • Land Of Hope And Glory

    Land Of Hope And Glory

       With Hope, Eva

  • #silentsouldiers


    Started something new: a poetry account on Instagram. Silent Souldiers. On here I share short poems, writings and just some thoughts with the crazy and beautiful world 😎 It’s fun to fight a little with words, to discover the power of words and perhaps we even end up loving the words 💚 Give it a […]