Moods & Words #2

We are told to tread quietly
Not taking up space or expanding ourselves
To unknown places we could never imagine

We must speak softly
Say yes
Dress with elegance and play with flowers

We asked for the ancient stars
and their shining has always known
We don’t falter to step firmly
To be sophisticated ánd rock solid

As water we flow to the movement
We choose our own battles
Have our own rules when our bodies speak

We say no, when it’s crystal clear
Our souls will die
Doing the things that keep us in the waste land

We leave old narratives behind
Embark on a wild journey
It’s time for new stories and its writers are us!

Eva xx

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Photo credits:

@hippie.sunflower (magical freestanding bath)
@navigateontrust (via @woksonwater Joshua Tree National Park)
@sheleanaaiyana (hands on breast and woman with flower)
@heyheatherobscura (hands and gems, arm reaching for white horse)
@rockyourworld.ryw (moonstone)
@girlboss (via MaggieJosStudio on Etsy, embroidery)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This is a new series called “Moods & Words”, in which I create small moodboards and short poems. Hope you like it!

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