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  • MOODS and WORDS #4

    MOODS and WORDS #4

    I woke up this morning like many mornings lately With a heart that goes out to you A heart that misses you, and wants to be at multiple places at once with you Around the purple flowers in the garden, and the rose buds in the morning sunshine The bleating of sheep in the country […]

  • Moods & Words #3

    Moods & Words #3

    the old, narrow streets of Palma its terracotta coloured houses bay windows and tangled wires I won’t see a way out there are days I wish to get lost, roam around a place I have never been to discover its secrets and well kept history, drink coffee in an ancient cafe with homemade almond cake yes please, pour me another cup

  • Moods & Words #2

    Moods & Words #2

    We asked for the ancient stars and their shining has always known We don’t falter to step firmly To be sophisticated ánd rock solid

  • Moods & Words #1

    Moods & Words #1

    And we howl as wolves For our mistakes For our love we just seem to swallow

  • 16 Nature Quotes That Will Leave You Breathless.

    16 Nature Quotes That Will Leave You Breathless.

    Let’s go outside, feel the sunshine and breathe the wild air! My 16 favourite quotes on nature which are my reminder of her power and wisdom.

  • Blue {short story}

    Blue  {short story}

      She tells him why the color blue always gives her a sense of happiness in the mornings. That summer feeling caused by a joyful glance at the blue sea from her window as soon she’s awake in the fresh morning. The sea fascinates her, it’s like a muse, it’s where Thetys lives, the goddess […]

  • Soul searching..

    Soul searching..

    Stuck at the airport at the moment. Flight to Ibiza has been delayed to 03:00 in the morning!! That means enough time for a new post! I’m doing some soul searching lately and earlier in my notebook I wrote some words about why I am here, what my purpose in life is. So why not […]

  • The stars are my destination

    The stars are my destination

    The stars are my destination for better or for worse coming into the world as a tiny speck of stardust not knowing yet that hope is all there is love is all I have   I might repair what’s broken along the way as I travel on this blue earth taking the warmth of her […]

  • Easter contemplation

    Easter contemplation

      We are fortune-hunters and I’m not ashamed of that like an immigrant looking for a better life, a better future we crossed invisible borders but there the comparison stops not to mention a refugee risking life at sea   We found our place, a roof over our heads and work to earn some money […]

  • Gracias a la vida

    Gracias a la vida

    One way to learn and improve a new language is to listen to music. In my case: songs in Spanish. Since last week it’s the same song over and over again… I already knew the song since I’ve always loved the performer’s voice: Mercedes Sosa. You can’t escape from the intensity of her voice -why would […]