Mood & Words


I woke up this morning like many mornings lately

With a heart that goes out to you

A heart that misses you,

and wants to be at multiple places at once with you

Around the purple flowers in the garden,

and the rose buds in the morning sunshine

The bleating of sheep in the country side,

and the sheer beauty of spring mornings

But give me rainy afternoons too

Streets without people

The memories of us walking together

I would like to sit next to you when you’re lonely,

drinking coffee and talk about books

I would like to be there when the cat is put to sleep

and kiss her for the last time

I would like to hug you when you’re coming home

I would like to laugh at us being silly

I would like to cycle to the mountains with you

I would like to see the sunny side of life with you and lift each other up

I would like to visit you in your new home,

talk about growing our gardens, and

sip a glass of wine.

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