From The Lake Bottom, I Rise {Poem}.

I lay my head to sleep
Tired of seeing who’s fighting who
Of reading the heart break of today
The state of the world we’re in
The abusers of power
The bombs still falling
The forests burning
The hatred
The smug leaders
I’m tired
But it won’t leave me broken
Because from the lake bottom, I will rise

There where I find comfort in the dark
No noise, but my deep breath
The pulsing rhythm of life under my skin
I leave her behind until it’s time
Time to return to the surface
Till I come back
To her mystery
To her stories
To her flowers and seeds
To her, being revered
As from the deep, I rise

Murderers will be murderers
Thieves will be thieves
And I choose her
Bringer of life and beauty
In ferocity she’s flaming
Her nature is to create
Her wisdom for centuries old
I rise for her wild
From the bottom of the lake
I rise from the deep
I run up that mountain
Woman and Earth.


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