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  • Joan Didion, the stylish writer.

    Joan Didion, the stylish writer.

    I’m reading her essays, the work of Joan Didion. The well-known American writer, novelist and journalist, who passed away last month. She was 87 years old and suffered from Parkinson. I heard from her before, but never read her essays or books. Why is it that people have to die first to get noticed — […]

  • Back to Central America.

    Back to Central America.

    You always start to miss something so basic when you don’t have it anymore. You never have problems with it because it’s always there, always working. I’m talking about energy! And then I mean solar energy to do the things which are so basic, such as cooking, washing clothes, charging phone and laptop, that kind […]

  • Belonging as a Wild Woman.

    Belonging as a Wild Woman.

    I just finished a book called “Belonging” by Toko-pa Turner. The title of the book spoke to me, as the theme belonging is beautiful, tricky and so universal. As humans, we all want to belong. Belong to a group, culture, a partner, place, a home. Messy The title spoke to me, because the past two […]

  • When You’re Struggling, Remember these “Eat, Pray, Love” Words by Elizabeth Gilbert.

    When You’re Struggling, Remember these “Eat, Pray, Love” Words by Elizabeth Gilbert.

    I can sense the restlessness that drives many of us these days. A restlessness I’m familiar with. Moving to a new place on a new island, working on new projects within a pandemic world, and moving house again, to a tiny, basic, off-grid home in development, don’t make 2020 a particularly easy ride.

  • Let’s Go Home. Unbreak Our Broken Relationship with Animals.

    Let’s Go Home. Unbreak Our Broken Relationship with Animals.

    If there’s one sentiment, one state of being, one need, that prevents us from learning and growing, it’s comfort. The modern human is addicted to comfort. That makes the fight against climate change and racial injustice so hard. Comfort, it’s the synonym for chicken soup.  At the moment I’m reading ‘Eating Animals’, a book by […]

  • If Women Rose Rooted

    If Women Rose Rooted

    A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon a screenshot of a book cover between my photos taken in 2016. Apparently it was important to me to save this photo, taken by a social media friend. Let’s have a look, I thought. I searched for the title with my e-reader “If women rose rooted” by […]

  • Realizing dreams this summer

    Realizing dreams this summer

    It’s getting hotter each day now. The island shows busy beaches and more and more cars and holiday makers arrive every day. Pumping beats coming from the boats at sea, people wearing less clothes and sweaty sunburnt skin. This all means summer has started on Ibiza. The time already has arrived where you’d better plan […]