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  • (Eco) Confessions.

    (Eco) Confessions.

    Ever doubt your goals or what you strongly believe in, works or is actually true? We are evolving beings and ideas we had before can change over time. Because we have accumulated more knowledge and experience or our priorities in life have simply shifted.  I love the tiny house lifestyle: to live on a small […]

  • A Ship Without Direction

    A Ship Without Direction

    A relationship, a friendship, a job or project needs time before we learn its worth and the ability to build on. It needs patience. It’s like climbing a mountain where you experience uncomfortable moments. For writing goes the same.

  • A Minimalist Life – part I –

    A Minimalist Life – part I –

    My life is simple, I’m not afraid to confess that. In this life where things are complex -the world is far from simple- how can we lead a “simple life”? ALL YOU NEED IS LESS  It all began three years ago when my love and I moved to the Spanish island, Ibiza. We wanted to […]