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  • Troost in mindere dagen {Dutch}.

    Troost in mindere dagen {Dutch}.

    Wat een lelijke tijden waarin we wereldwijd zijn beland. Dit, in combinatie met nog een aantal factoren, zoals de vermissing van onze kater Liefje, heeft me de laatste tijd aangeslagen en ziek gemaakt. Waarschijnlijk was mijn griep waardoor ik de afgelopen anderhalve week een groot deel van de dag in bed doorbracht niet rechtstreeks daardoor […]

  • Working on Our Dreams is Damn Scary & Uncomfortable.

    Working on Our Dreams is Damn Scary & Uncomfortable.

    It’s happening now…living off-grid on a piece of land on the Balearic Islands with my man and two cats. We’ve just started life from scratch. There’s land, water, solar energy, a compost-toilet and an old tiny shed which my partner is converting into a tiny home, and that’s about it. The rest we make ourselves.  […]

  • Let’s Go Home. Unbreak Our Broken Relationship with Animals.

    Let’s Go Home. Unbreak Our Broken Relationship with Animals.

    If there’s one sentiment, one state of being, one need, that prevents us from learning and growing, it’s comfort. The modern human is addicted to comfort. That makes the fight against climate change and racial injustice so hard. Comfort, it’s the synonym for chicken soup.  At the moment I’m reading ‘Eating Animals’, a book by […]

  • Traces of Gloria.

    Traces of Gloria.

    It’s Tuesday, 3.30 in the afternoon, it rains cats and dogs and it storms outside. I’m sitting under a warm duvet and furry blankets, just lit some candles and I’m reading a book about two French farmers “Mariculous Abundance” by the light of Dorus’ e-reader. Phone off. Cats sleeping next to me. Sounds cozy, right? […]