Treat yourself! :-)

Seven days without coffee now and today the second day of fasting. I’m cheating already by eating some fruit, a few dried apricots (with E-numbers in it) and dates during the day. But that’s all. So far this experiment goes not that bad, but we’re not there yet. Three more days to go! Though missing my Black Coffee the hardest of all.

I’m sure if I had to go to an office to work and to meet clients it would be much harder these days. Instead, I can take it easy. That surely benefits the whole process. Nevertheless I need to keep doing things otherwise I might get in trouble with the dark chocolate and almonds waiting for us in the fridge..It’s staring at me as soon as I open the door (eat me please!).

Black coffee & dark chocolate..mmmm goes best together!

As a result of these detox-days I already can say that I feel light and energetic – except for the feeling of having a hangover as soon as the afternoon starts – .

Perhaps it’s the yoga in the morning? Like a real Ibiza-retreat 😉 I treat myself with yoga these days to stretch the body. Only for 30-40 minutes when I wake up.

Detox & yoga goes well together…like black coffee & dark chocolate with little almond-pieces…yummie can’t wait for the magnificent taste of it!

I guess those detox-days will bring lots of appreciation -even more- and awareness for the fact we’re able to grab ourselves something to eat as soon as our stomaches tell us to eat. Or just when we feel like it. So easy. Always.

So far so good.

To be continued…

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