Treat yourself! (2)

Yesterday was bliss. We woke up at 8am. I opened the curtains and the first thing I saw, was this beautiful rainbow in front of me. I didn’t have to look for the pot of gold that long…it was right here…right under my nose: 

Breakfast-time!!! Yaayyy.

Day 6 had arrived, that meant detox was finally over. We passionately looked forward to this day (all of a sudden time didn’t go that fast like it usually does). 

And yes there it was! After these days of reflection we were so ready for our first breakfast -only fruit – after 5 days of only having herbal tea, water and some mandarins and dried apricots. I wrote earlier, the first two days were not that bad. It all started with the third..oeff. However, real hunger…don’t know what it is.

That fruit-breakfast tasted heavenly. Bananas…appels..with a bit of cinnamon…some dates…a sweetness so nice….And later I had my first coffee after ten days. Hello friend! Missed you. Pure joy… Like an exploring child…A walnut…? Never knew it tastes thát good! 

I felt so happy and thankful. Both of us.

Later we decided to bike to Casita Verde to have lunch. Woww that bike-ride was hard this time! A healthy Sunday-lunch waited for us, so I kept going. Hardly no energy left.

Curry…heart-shaped rice…carrot & beetrootsalad….steamed brocoli and lettuce, that lunch made me speechless..enjoyed every single bite of it. It even gave me chills. Amazing all these sensations after only five days of fasting!

Yes, a day filled with gold…happy 🙏

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