Travelling down our own road

Welcome May: Warm Spring days have arrived or already even the beginning of a long hot Summer on Ibiza. 

Two weeks back on the island and I already see changes. A different light, wild flowers blossoming in green fields and along the roads, more people visiting the island and many openings of restaurants at the beaches of Ibiza these past days. Like there hasn’t been a winter and a deserted beach where I often was the only person sitting down in the sand and looking at the waves. Yet, it’s a new beginning.

Especially since our house in Amsterdam has been sold last week (it went superfast!) I wonder where this new beginning leads to. 

Which road I need to go?

Officially left the country – immediately got the confirmation of the City of Amsterdam by e-mail – and our new home is from now on Spain, Ibiza. Emigration..

Secretely I always have dreamt about following the sun. Travelling my own road. However, I feel less scared to go with this adventure together with the man I love than going all by myself. I alone would have kept on dreaming about a Mediterranean life while looking out the window on grey and rainy days. Probably yes 😉 Above all, it’s way more fun to walk this road together. On the way I might choose a different road or roads, unless it always will lead to that main road together.

But there are so many roads…Which way I’m going in this life?

Honestly, I don’t know. Who knows I’ll never know. 

What I do know , is we’d better enjoy the road we’re walking on at this very moment and to follow our hearts. To keep on moving and to stay healthy. 

A healthy heart surely knows the way!

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