Stop! And smell the roses..

I was lying down on a table, covered from feet until shoulders by a soft , purple blanket. My head started to get very warm, glowing and tingling sensation at my cheekes. The energy began to flow through my whole body.

It’s called..Reiki! 

First session at the Ibiza Healing festival two weeks ago. The only thing I wanted to do after Donna, the reiki-master, tapped slightly on my shoulder, was fall asleep in one of the beds in the sunny gardens of Atzáro where the festival took place. I was feeling drowsy, no power in my legs, a light feeling. Natural high. Flying around a bit and watching the Ibizian people from a distance wouldn’t be too bad. In my second life I want to be a bird that’s for sure.

Speaking of birds..I saved a baby-bird that already had been caught by the claws of our beloved cat. She accidentally flew inside the house and started to panic as soon this little bird had found out she lost track on her first flight and a big black cat was waiting for the attack. I could grab this tiny one and put her on a safe spot where her parents could pick their baby up after they kicked her out pushing her to leave the nest for a first flight. And yes they did! So all ended well. Three days later another tiny baby bird around the house. This time on the stairs outside. I moved her to a spot where she could hide from danger. Hopefully she made her way back. Safe and free. Poor little thing..

Since I have worked in a wildlife bird reservation in Costa Rica years ago I am fascinated by the beauty and power of these animals. Even the smallest birds have strength to fly away and to take care of themselves.

Every year in May with the Medieval festival D’Alt Vila in Ibiza-town transforms into the Middle Ages. You’re dwelling in a world with dragons, fairies, roasted pigs on giant barbeques, dressed craftsmen behind their beautiful decorated stalls and impressive birds of prey.  At the background of the old city it can’t be better and you’re suddenly in a world of passed times you always wanted to be part of. Just for one day.

I was looking at the snow owl and other birds of prey. All of them sitting on a stick, their paws tied up. I felt sorry for them. Such respectful animals. Controlled by humans they will never find freedom. 

And freedom brings me to work..Yes it’s possible to use those words in one sentence. I have started with a new job  as a textwriter, editor, blogger, copywriter for a Dutch interior design company which is headed from Ibiza. Writing about design water faucets, lavish rain showers of stainless steel and stylish bathtubs feels very refreshing on hot days like these. Feeling happy with this new chance and the office is the best I have ever had so far. It comes very close to this.. 🙂

Happy Friday everyone!

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