Beautiful Things

On this November morning I’m sipping my coffee and write a little piece about you, the ever changing sky and the sun slipping through.

I’m thinking of glorious cities where pumping energy can’t find its way out and pushes on silent corners.

Trapped in the veins of human desire, men and women are rushing their way through existence.

The big things count. Money on the bank. Long hours at work. Promotions. Cars and planes. One day you’ll too busy counting.

While the eye doesn’t know how to perceive the small things, the heart has forgotten to feel them, to love them with our whole being.

The falling leaf of a tree with colors of a blazing sky.

The smell of fresh earth after the rain has returned.

The sweet words of a friend.

The laughing bird in the morning.

The current that keeps on flowing. Just like you.

You’re flowing as life moves within you. Move with the small things, with the love you know. Discover grandeur in and around you. Chase it. Even in the New York City streets where it’s hiding from the dirt. Where it’s dying from skies without stars. Where it’s suffering from the concrete blocks. Where it’s all falling down by the need for more. Like you’ll never have enough. Like you’ll never be enough. You have and you are. We are.



⤀ . ⤀ . ⤀ . ⤀ . ⤀ . ⤀ . ⤀

Here’s a beautiful video I came across on the magical web and love to share with you because of its beauty, message and words..




Have a beautiful weekend ♡


Con Amor desde Ibizaaaaaa,





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