You Wished you were that Girl who played the Drums.

Have you ever looked at a woman and thought she has it all together?

That woman who knows what she’s doing and she knows that what she’s doing she does it great?

Her wisdom far beyond her years

Her fire’s burning deeply from within


The girl who played the drums


She isn’t afraid to speak up and tell you what she thinks without hesitation

The woman who is present and comfortable in her own skin, confident and funny

She seems to have it all together


The girl who played the drums


She’s wandering through life to find adventure everywhere she goes and gets things done

She seems to accept who she is, fully embracing herself,

without the ongoing pressure to fold herself for somebody


The girl who played the drums


A creative genius who shapes her own work

A strong voice that picks her own battles to fight

The woman who’s a true beauty inside and out


The girl who played the drums


She’s generous without ignoring her boundaries

Her music has soul and has something to say

She seems to love this life and dances with it


The girl who played the drums


It isn’t about her possessions, status, relationships, what she wears and whether she’s got dollars in her pocket or not

It’s about a woman who’s fierce, but isn’t ashamed to show her softness

She will always believe in herself no matter what

She’s grateful for this life and she won’t waste a minute of it to things that don’t matter to her

Bothering about what others think? Not her


Maybe you’ve met her or looked at her across the room

She seems to have it all together. She seems exactly that kind of woman

She has that attractive energy around her


The girl who played the drums


What you don’t know about her is her being chased by nightmares, because she’s a motherless child

Her struggles to go out of bed in the mornings as she drinks too much and feels bad

Her voice trembling at moments she doesn’t have the answers ready

Her soulful heart broken by the man she once loved

Her body she heavily neglects when nobody is watching

The times she feels blocked and she doesn’t know what to do


The girl who played the drums


Maybe she’s looking at you thinking you have it all together

Chances are she thinks you’re the luckiest woman on earth









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