Love Liberates, It Doesn’t Just Hold, That’s Ego.

Stories are a source of inspiration. Stories give consolation in times of grief. Stories uplift in times of doubt. Stories move us when there’s understanding.

Some days when the world’s narrative makes it challenging to be optimistic, it’s a good exercise to find stories that heal, surprise or put a smile on our face. Sometimes these stories are close to home, sometimes they are further away. We find stories by reading a book, watching a movie, by meeting someone or we just have our own story.

Stories don’t always speak to us, but when they do they remind us who we are. A good story represents an inner truth and it empowers and inspires us to move forward from within. A good story reinvents and renews our beliefs. It connects us.

I stumbled upon a story that spoke powerfully to me: a video “Love Liberates” with the beautiful Maya Angelou (1928 -2014). It’s impossible not to adore this woman.

As from today I’ll carry these encouraging words with me.

Who said tears and smiles can’t be friends in a good story? Sometimes they are the closest.

Listen to Maya Angelou here (5.30 min). Her story leaves you with love in your heart and peace in your soul.

Con Amor,


“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”~ Maya Angelou

Photo by Somin Khanna/Unsplash.