You and I, we woke up this morning.

Finding some motivational, uplifting words and meaning after facing the vulnerability of life once again, is what I’m looking for to lose that heaviness inside. Dorus likes to watch videos of the Indian mystic Sadhguru so this morning we looked up what Sadhguru says about mortality. This man always makes me smile, it’s his way of saying things. Sadhguru believes we must be conscious of our mortality.

“We think that we are immortal, but we aren’t. Of all the people who go to bed each night, one million don’t wake up the next morning. Isn’t it amazing you and I woke up this morning? Look at the ceiling and smile, you are still here! Be conscious of your mortality. Check those five beloved ones around you. If they woke up too, isn’t this a fantastic day?”

Listen to his words on mortality here:

Sad day

Wednesday was a sad day. Early afternoon I received a phone call of our friend who told us the awful news of our mutual friend and landlord who suddenly died the night before. All of a sudden he passed out while he was showering and his partner found him, but he couldn’t be saved anymore. A fatal blood clot on the brain. It was his birthday and he just planned on his 47th to go on a holiday together with his partner. Today they were supposed to fly to Mexico to celebrate. Today.

Dorus came home early and we were both speechless. We decided to go for a walk together to take in some fresh air. We still couldn’t find the words, there was mostly silence. Sometimes there are no words.


Saturday we went to the wake (velatorio) in the funeral home. It was so incredibly sad to witness his devastated partner and his family and to embrace them all, next to the coffin where we saw our friend’s lifeless body. We watched the video that showed fragments of his aliveness. The contrast was overwhelming. Also the sadness on that sunny, warm spring day made this happening surreal. I was in a bad dream. But we saw him. We saw his partner and family. It wasn’t a nightmare, it was the cruel reality.

Isn’t it unbelievable life can completely change in a short period of time? Their worlds shattered, hearts broken. No more new footsteps, no more new plans. The remembrance of his laughter, his incredible sense of humour and imagination hopefully stay forever. He was a true thinker and I believe behind his smiles and jokes there was a certain melancholia which perhaps not many knew of. We liked him so much and between the joking and laughter you could talk about anything with him, from spirituality to politics. It must be big fun in heaven now since he arrived.

Descanse en Paz, amigo mío ♡

Life is fragile. It can be over just like that. So embrace each other tightly and love each other with all the love you have to give. Because now is all we have. One day it will be over and we don’t know when there’s no more time left.


Our last month in our studio at the beach sadly coincides with the sudden death of our friend and landlord. It will be the closure of five beautiful years. We already did plan our move, but the move is now surrounded by even more emotions than I could even imagine.

It feels like we’re about to start a new life. We’re going to live in an off grid tiny house which Dorus has built here on Ibiza. I’m nervous, sad, but very much excited too to live in this sweet house at Casita Verde in the gorgeous Benimussa Valley, where we started five years ago. This sea view is once in a life time so we will going to miss it! Much more about our new adventure here soon.

Today’s blogpost I end with this excellent speech by Oprah Winfrey. It has warmed my bit of a heavy heart this morning. May it be of benefit!


Con Amor,





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