Welcome Tiny House Life!

We made it! We are here, in our tiny house “Wild West Wagon” built by Dorus!

I totally underestimated this process of moving house..the stuff..to decide to keep things or not. It was more work than I expected it to be. The good thing was that I felt completely ready to start this new adventure with our tiny house once it was time to shut the door behind us. We left a soulless place waiting for new life.

These past days I unpacked our things and surprisingly found a place for almost everything. The kitchen isn’t completely ready yet and Dorus is going to make a bar and a desk which will furnish the terrace part, which serves as an extension of the tiny house. And there are some other details to work on, such as decorations.


At the moment I’m alone during daytime as Dorus and the crew here are building a tiny house for a friend and his family up north. It’s a cool new project and they’re such a great team together. Today I wanted to join them, but last night I was all of a sudden struck by a fever. The body apparently needs to get rid off some stuff too.

New tricks

This gives me time alone to reflect a bit. I know this experience will test me. Not this tiny house, which already feels so good and I can feel the love and positivity which reside between these pallets. The fundament feels strong and full of goodness. I am grateful to experience this new chapter. Also this team of people is a treasure. The environment is gorgeous, amidst of nature. We are surrounded by life, the bees, butterflies and robin birds, carob and lemon trees, rosemary fields and so on. All this is almost too good to be true. It feels comfortable like there isn’t any cloud covering the sky. But nothing is perfect. I know well where the difficulties are and it will test my patience, calm and boundaries. And sometimes this cloudy part feels uncomfortable. For sure these clouds are here to teach me some new tricks.

The cats, Liefje & Luna, love their new home too! Jieppiee!

Con Amor,



  1. Oh fantastic! I’m so happy for you both and am so stoked that Doruss labour of love is now a home! I dread to think if you found moving a big job how this would look if we were ever to try… too much to even think about! From the photos you certainly live in paradise breathe it all in and focus intently on all you love about it! Huge house warming love from us in Aotearoa 💋


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