It’s time to say: bye bye plastic egos!

This morning started with rain and it feels so good. This tapping sound on the roof and windows makes me happy, especially in the night and early mornings. We witness all whims of nature in our new home more than ever. When it’s stormy, I hear the trees moving and when I sit on the ground of the terrace part, which is built on poles, I even feel the ground shaking a bit.

When the days are stormy and rainy it’s a lot of noise inside our home. Before, on stormy days, we heard wild sea noises, now we hear the sounds of trees tapping on the roof and boughs moving in the wind. We live in the middle of nature and it’s impossible to miss any change of weather here. On this sunlit island it doesn’t happen often. Probably that’s why I love rainy, stormy days on Ibiza so much.

Beach clean

Yesterday I have been to a beach clean initiated by an English DJ called Blondish who uses her fame to raise awareness about the huge plastic pollution which we are facing everywhere with her “Bye Bye Plastic Life” project. It took place during the International Music Summit, a-three-day electronic music conference on Ibiza where famous house and techno DJ’s, such as Nicole Moudaber and Adam Beyer (Awakenings!), and clubs come together to discuss issues and developments in the industry.

Within hardly an hour we found heaps of cigarette butts, plastic parts and other trash between the sand. It’s great that a young woman as Blondish spreads the message through her music and events and looks for parties to come on board, such as Ibiza Limpia, a project of Casita Verde, and Plastic Free Ibiza and many other “plastic free” initiatives that currently exist.


For all parties involved it was a nice publicity stunt. It’s interesting to watch human behaviour at such occasions, from “you’re wearing the wrong t-shirt” (t-shirt which shows the name of the other organisation) to “let me shoot some nice pictures for possible funds.”

It wasn’t about just picking up the damn trash, but it was a lot more about the (right) names and faces.

It reminded me of my time when I made a career change from law to charity work, only for a short time to replace an employee on maternity leave. A saw in this field of work many NGOs which do moreless the same work, such as beating poverty in African countries, but instead of working together they were competing each other and judging themselves as being the one and only expert. While they all work hard on the same objective, this seems to be forgotten by making it hard for each other and feeling better than the other. Of course, in the end this undermines the work that has to be done.

Egos rule, even when you do work to improve the world around you. I was disappointed back then, I know it may sound naif, but I really felt that way. It’s just as toe-curling by saying: “I am more spiritual than you are.” Where egos are supposed to have no room, they are fully present and how!

Clear mission

Obviously, I appreciate the mission of this female DJ: to eliminate the single-use-plastic within the club scene. Her mission is clear and as a former clubber I fully support it. In fact, it goes far beyond the clubs and – let’s not forget – the festivals, it’s everywhere we take a (dancing) step.

And now with some upbeat tunes…

It’s about time we say bye bye!

Con Amor,



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