Eyes and hearts wide open

The last hours of the year are here

In the past year we lost and we won

People, friends, love and faith 

We lost some, we won some


With heads under water

swimming in darkness

going deeper and deeper

feeling almost peacefully calm 

about the fragility of life

we find our way back to the light


In our insecure existence

we find our securities

that we are loved

that we are here to find

our strengths and weaknesses


“The most important decision we make

is whether we believe we live 

in a friendly or hostile universe,”

Einstein said

We see the world with the eyes 

we choose them to be

But we mustn’t close our eyes

for the animal that suffers 

to be the food on our plate


Keep eyes wide open to acknowledge 

the modern slaves of our times 

to the brutality with which women are shackled

and men are hung so anyone can see

they just fought for dignified lives

free from sectarian leaders

who rejoice in violence and death

reject all that is alive


We keep our eyes open

so we let in both darkness and light

Einstein also said: 

“The world will not be destroyed 

by those who do evil, 

but by those who watch them 

without doing anything.” 


Don’t look away from the kings, the dictators, 

the oppressors that exploit and kill

because we can’t handle the darkest colour

Eyes shut won’t set us free


Will we stand up for justice?

Will we raise our voices for the underdogs and non-humans:

animals, trees, oceans and corals?

Will we make ourselves unpopular by telling

inconvenient truths?

Are we willing to make sacrifices for a liveable planet?


But also, will we celebrate being a better guardian 

of our minds and homes, our bodies and souls?


In 2023?


Without being our own guardian

we will drown in the deepest ocean

and be lost in the wildest jungle


Wishing you a compassionate and healthy new year with love and hope!

Con Amor,


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