Sometimes I miss you little sister

your spontaneous invitations 

to explore the shore and forest paths

to be in nature with a dance and a drum

you never disappointed


Often you floated away

having us under your spell

mesmerising as you are

with long summer dresses 

blowing in the wind

always open to stories and magic


You are my hedonist sister

everybody loves and everyone claims

to have a piece of you


It makes me sad 

because you are exploited

by those with big dollar-sign eyes

who don’t care about your well-being

their only interest is taking a piece of you

without connecting with who you truly are

your past leave them cold

your wells have dried up, don’t you see?


I wish you’d kick those ignorant bastards out

but then they come to me, spoiling it here

while all I want is

real kings and queens

caring for the land 

instead of their next champagne and lobster

And so should you, little sister

I love you.



  1. Hi Eva !
    how are you? Hope all is well and you are enjoying your beautiful place in Mallorca.
    We were there last week for few days, I drove by in the hope to catch you by chance. Unfortunately you were not home (or I was in the wrong place?),
    but hopefully we will have a chance to catch up some other day.

    Very well said your latest blog post, exactly how I feel about Ibiza. And it’s getting worse and worse.
    We toured Mallorca for the first time, just a couple of days and not enough to really get the vibe but what we experienced and saw really impressed us… who knows, maybe our next place after Barcelona, where we honestly struggle a bit with all the concrete, traffic and city vibe.

    Keep up your great writing, I always enjoy reading it!

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    • Hi Bjoern, how nice to hear from you! Oh no you were here and we weren’t home? Hope you weren’t in the wrong place! Dorus said a little while ago he received a message from you, that’s all I know hahaa. But hope you can come back. The two sisters are totally different, maybe opposite even. We live a rural life now, close to a small village, with a piece of land and a very tiny home 😉 We love the tranquility and Mallorca has also a lot to offer. Great you have seen a bit from this sister island! We were on Ibiza only for a couple of days in September, still has a warm place in my heart, but too much Dutchies for me. Even more when we left. So you’re living in Barcelona now? Also interesting, I think, and vibrant. It’s easy to get the ferry to travel to the islands if you want. Take care there and thanks for your comment! Abrazos desde Mallorca


      • Hey Eva
        indeed it seems the Dutch have taken over Ibiza these days;-) I think these days much of Ibiza is about hipness, money, mansions and Range Rovers unfortunately…
        We just got back from Ibiza last Sunday, we continue to rent a tiny garden-house from a friend so we can escape the city every once in a while.
        My girls would love to move back to Ibiza but also Mallorca could be an option. I am rather reluctant to go back to a place I left for a reason…
        I felt Mallorca was more “normal”, less hip, less pricey and probably with more to explore/do/work. Since Maya soon turns 9 also school is a topic and I saw that Mallorca has much more to offer in these terms. We’ll see how it goes, in summer we will summarize and decide if we stay here or move on.

        Might well be that we visit Mallorca again this spring and hopefully have a chance to meet then.
        pls give my regards also to Dorus & have a lovely day!

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      • Hey Bjoern, I think you are absolutely right. I feel sad for the ibicencos. Here on Mallorca I notice the locals think its little sister sold her soul to the devil. But regardless, it feels like home because of our warm memories. You are right Mallorca is more normal 😉 I think it’s more down to earth, at least that’s how I feel it. Less hippish though 😉 But very cool you and your family have the opportunity to still enjoy the island in combination with the busyness of the city. Yes I’ve heard for (foreign) school children Mallorca isn’t bad and has more options than Ibiza. Houses (renting + buying) are also raising in price here though. It seems a popular island especially for Germans. How exciting that you think of mallorca as a possible move! The first time I came here I wasn’t really sold to be honest. I still felt our place was Ibiza. Now time has passed we are both happy with this move. So who knows for you too. Dorus felt really bad he missed your message. The thing is he changed number so he might missed something and he couldn’t check it anymore when I told him. In case you visit the island this Spring let us know if you want to meet. You can always contact me here. Have a beautiful evening and you and your family take care! Abrazo


  2. Mooi mijn lief zusseke.Mooie herinneringen aan het samen zijn op het prachtige Ibiza.Die herinneringen moeten we gaan maken op Mallorca .Love you.Je zuster xxxxxxVerzonden vanaf mijn Galaxy

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