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  • Stop! And smell the roses..

    Stop! And smell the roses..

     I was lying down on a table, covered from feet until shoulders by a soft , purple blanket. My head started to get very warm, glowing and tingling sensation at my cheekes. The energy began to flow through my whole body. It’s called..Reiki!  First session at the Ibiza Healing festival two weeks ago. The […]

  • 40!

    The day after.. Lovely birthday yesterday with lovely people. Spoilt rotten at this gorgeous place on Ibiza with my Amante and friends. Thank you for this wonderful celebration! ❤️  Salud!!

  • Travelling down our own road

    Welcome May: Warm Spring days have arrived or already even the beginning of a long hot Summer on Ibiza.  Two weeks back on the island and I already see changes. A different light, wild flowers blossoming in green fields and along the roads, more people visiting the island and many openings of restaurants at […]

  • Angelina Jolie’s speech says it all

     These striking words from Angelina Jolie on the humanitarian drama of Syria I came across yesterday through a friend – thanks to social media – . Despite the poor internet we’re still having at our Ibizian home I just have watched the video of the speech (see link below). Some patience was needed. This is […]

  • Sunday 19th of April

    Let go of what was Accept what is Have faith in what will come  Fear Less, Love More

  • The Best Things In Life Are Free

    Saying goodbye to things and moments which are gone. How are you with this? …Decided to put our Amsterdam house on the market and preparing it for possible buyers at the moment. Tidying up things in the house. 39 years through my hands. Such beautiful loving things I have seen again after all these years […]

  • We all are lionesses

     Last Friday early in the morning the plane to Ibiza left without me. This last week we found ourselves in stormy weather… The peace I felt last Tuesday after my sister and brother-in-law came home from the hospital and seeing their smiling faces and telling these  words …no cancer…Tears of joy! I have never […]

  • Thank you God! Thank you Universe!

     My sweet sister is safe! This morning 10am we could shake off a heavy blanket that has covered us for a very long week. A heavy heart, feeling light again, free from fear after this troubled week without end… My sis does not have cancer! The results of the scan showed no cancer and […]

  • Monday 23rd of March

     My brother’s birthday…my sister is ill. What a hell of a day…feeling angry. Feeling so much anger inside of me, because my family and I are waiting for one week…  Last Tuesday a doctor told my sister she might has cancer. The world has changed…again.  I find myself between hope and fear and this […]

  • Standing with you my sis

     Life has many surprises; not always the best. Everything has changed. The world looks different, less kind, overwhelmed by hopes and fears. But full of love. A power so deep. Deep as the world’s biggest oceans. Thankful to be with my family now in these uncertain times. We stand together. I stand with you […]

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