Author: Eva De Vor

  • When I grow up I wanna be a Lío dancer!

    When I grow up I wanna be a Lío dancer!

    <Copyright Jorge Conexion> After the celebration of Lío’s 5th anniversary last Wednesday night I made up my mind. I’m going to be a Lío star in Ibiza! My my my! Is there anything more cool than being a dancer in Lío? I don’t think so. Situated in Ibiza’s port with a spectaculair view on Dalt […]

  • Tales of Passion

    Tales of Passion

    About passionate hearts, injustice, poverty, feminism and a new world where the lives of women and girls will be improved tremendously. It’s all in this inspirational, touching and, at times, humorous TED talk of writer and activist Isabel Allende. Here’s a story of hope and love to share and watch this weekend! Hope you’ll enjoy […]

  • Awake


      She wanted to be saved only by herself because deep down she knows her way   Last Thursday night I couldn’t sleep and felt overwhelmed by that annoying little monster.. again. Every now and then it comes and visits me, preferably at night: doubt that takes over and brings me out of balance. These […]

  • The stars are my destination

    The stars are my destination

    The stars are my destination for better or for worse coming into the world as a tiny speck of stardust not knowing yet that hope is all there is love is all I have   I might repair what’s broken along the way as I travel on this blue earth taking the warmth of her […]

  • Easter contemplation

    Easter contemplation

      We are fortune-hunters and I’m not ashamed of that like an immigrant looking for a better life, a better future we crossed invisible borders but there the comparison stops not to mention a refugee risking life at sea   We found our place, a roof over our heads and work to earn some money […]

  • Gracias a la vida

    Gracias a la vida

    One way to learn and improve a new language is to listen to music. In my case: songs in Spanish. Since last week it’s the same song over and over again… I already knew the song since I’ve always loved the performer’s voice: Mercedes Sosa. You can’t escape from the intensity of her voice -why would […]

  • DePura Ibiza

    DePura Ibiza

    Would you like to know how to start and end the day peacefully? Just keep on reading and satisfying answers are guaranteed 🙂 After two years of living on Ibiza I feel fortunate to keep discovering beautiful spots on the magical island. It never ends. There’s still so much to discover. My bike is my […]

  • The road to freedom

    The road to freedom

    For many years now nothing has ever fascinated me more than the concept called “freedom”. Thank God freedom is more than a concept. It does really exist and you can even say freedom is a state of mind. I always associated freedom with dictatorship, theocracies and repressive regimes where people can’t live in freedom. Where […]

  • Saudade


    Is it possible to fall in love with a hhmmm…  a word?  Oh yes, that sure is possible. I do know now. It happened to me. We never met before. Never heard of each other before. Until I was listening to music on youtube and it was love at first sight. There it was and […]

  • Our Captain

    Our Captain

    Today, 16 years ago, we found ourselves on a ship in stormy weather, fighting against the waves with endless and dark oceans beneath us the sails tormented by the rushing wind determined to continue this restless voyage for being rescued in safer havens   Promptly, destiny decided the captain of the ship lost not at […]