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  • Taking back control.

    Taking back control.

    Life is good on Mallorca this January month. The days are sunny and soft, mostly 13 or 14 degrees Celsius, it feels like a mild spring, like always this time of year. But the nights are cold. Colder than other years and colder than when we lived on Ibiza. It’s around freezing temperatures and when […]

  • The man who knocks on the door.

    The man who knocks on the door.

    Do you know these moments that all seems so perfect and beautiful, that life is a sweet miracle? You look around, soaking up everything you see, and you are not in the past, not in the future, but really here and now. All seems to work. There are no worries, no difficulties that weigh heavy on you. It’s all just fine. Life is good.

  • hello May!

    hello May!

    it’s obvious like a bright evening sky covered with stars i want to travel to, catch them with my eyes it’s clear that you’re gone now really it’s over now all those months i felt comfort in you you gave me peace and stillness at times you were wild too you gave storm and thunder […]

  • Green Christmas And Other Thoughts

    Green Christmas And Other Thoughts

    These last weeks of 2016 are really the dark days before Christmas if we look at the weather. Even on Ibiza. Dark grey skies, wind, hardly any sun. It rained cats and dogs this past week. Thunder and lightning. A  loud bang in the air. The bad weather kept many people mostly inside their houses, just […]

  • My winter on Ibiza

    My winter on Ibiza

                                       —>> silentsouldiers poetry by evalunes <<—   Con Amor, Eva             

  • The stillness of Ibiza winter

    The stillness of Ibiza winter

    Ibiza Summer is in full swing, it has that great dynamics and vibrant atmosphere, but it’s also damn busy with loads of tourists and cars. A few days ago I walked in the hills near our home and only one runner (you must be crazy running with the sun burning on your sweaty skin!) passed […]