hello May!

it’s obvious

like a bright evening sky covered with stars

i want to travel to, catch them with my eyes

it’s clear that you’re gone now

really it’s over now

all those months i felt comfort in you

you gave me peace and stillness

at times you were wild too

you gave storm and thunder

rain and wet earth

more than ever

you made me feel both calm and restless

when the bleak wind was rushing along the shore

waves were crashing against the rocks

on most days the only living soul walking in the little village’s street was me

yet i felt so safe and warm

like a cocoon

nobody could harm me

i felt loved

at home

the darkness of some afternoons

the chillness in the evening air

on sunny, but rainy days too

it was my little paradise

many mornings i walked by myself

with only a few dogs running at the beach

and yet i never felt alone, never

you’ll be missed

but i know you’ll come back again

you will return

goodbye my winter on Ibiza, welcome beautiful May!

– the change of seasons


Ibiza Cala Tarida, 5 February 2017



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