The man who knocks on the door.

Do you know these moments that all seems so perfect and beautiful, that life is a sweet miracle? You look around, soaking up everything you see, and you are not in the past, not in the future, but really here and now. All seems to work. There are no worries, no difficulties that weigh heavily on you. It’s all just fine. Life is good.


After some grey days last week when the sun was covered by thick layers of clouds he came out again last Sunday, the perfect day for sunshine and exploring. Although Ibiza isn’t a big island there are still places I haven’t been. So I took my bicycle and went on a nice Sunday tour by myself. I absorbed the energy in the air, the air which felt like spring, the sun rays shone through the pine trees and I enjoyed every second being in the place I was. With just a few cars on the road and the soft weather (13 degrees Celsius) this island feels serene and pure in winter time. I headed to some beaches which were still new to me. Some coastal restaurants are open in winter weekends and that’s where the residents go on a Sunday like this to have lunch with family and friends. Sa Caleta restaurant seems to be a hotspot today, just as Yemanja beach restaurant in Cala Jondal. While riding on the winding roads, I watched the blossoming almond trees and the white authentic Ibicencan houses standing out against the blue sky, I felt the sunshine on my face and an incredible sense of freedom and gratitude for the fact that I am alive here on this island captured me. Soaking up the winter sun while riding on a bicycle. It’s nothing and everything at the same time.

The man

Suddenly he was there, the man, and he knocks on our door. He says the game is over, playtime is finished now and it’s time to go back to where I’m coming from. The man tells me I can’t live like this anymore. I have to go back to my former life, which wasn’t bad at all, but very different than this life. The man even gets more personal, begging for attention, and says something really bad will happen, I will lose somebody close to me or, on a bigger scale, shit happens to the world and we will all be fucked. Anyhow, the bliss I felt this day can’t go on, it will stop here the man says austerely. Convinced of the thought he brings me a message so important that I’m not supposed to ignore and that I really should invite him in, he now insists: “You will be finished with your happy life”.

A bit of Meg Ryan

Wow, these are quite black thoughts all of a sudden, aren’t they? Maybe yes. Nevertheless I told this annoying guy he certainly has better things to do than bothering me here on a Sunday, kindly requested him not to come back anymore and slammed the door in his ugly face. Hope the message was clear. Of course, it’s all temporary, this life, these moments of pure bliss when nothing else seems to matter. They all end. They end and start anew. While the winter sun was low over the horizon I continued my journey, warming my soul to this beauty around me, to the baby goats in the field, the barking dogs in the yard, the singing birds, the happy thoughts, the spring energy, the silence, lightness and forgiveness. I turned my face towards the sun, still pedaling, smiling, and I felt like Meg Ryan in the movie City Of Angels. The ones who have seen the movie know it doesn’t end well for Meg when she’s biking in the sunlight. However, last Sunday was just a perfect and blissful day. Here’s on Sundays like these!


Con Amor,




















  1. My goodness….alsof ik decennia terugga in gedachten.
    Want wat jij beschrijft over de man die op een deur klopt, en een zwarte schaduw doet vallen
    over je geluksgevoelens, heb ik ook ervaren…lang, lang geleden.
    En nooit vergeten.
    Met Meg Ryan liep het niet goed af in die prachtige film “City of angels”.
    Mooi stuk weer, schat!


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