Time spent with cats is never wasted

We trapped this beauty this morning. Christel, a german lady offered her help and the cages. What a big heart Christel has, she helps so many straycats here in Ibiza. A true angel! Glad I can learn from her. 

So this wild beauty is at the vet now to be sterilized **

She used to come at Cotton Beach Club..bothering the guests and staff for food 😼 together with a male cat who didn’t show up today. Tomorrow we go again to trap him and bring this cat to the vet to be sterilized as well. Both Cotton-Cats have found the place where I feed the others at the beach. They are with five now. It’s getting busy up there 😉 

Tomorrow we pick this grey female up at the vet and after she goes to Christel’s who has a special room for her to fully recover. Isn’t that incredibly sweet?! Really, so good to know people like that exist. I’m happy!

Yes, it’s stressful for these wild cats, but in the end it’s so much better. No more unwanted kittens living in the streets of Ibiza – or at the beach in this case..

Good to help these beautiful creatures. No, time spent with cats is never, never wasted.

care4catsibiza the charity which helps the many straycats of Ibiza. You can support their Trap-Neuter-Return program by making a donation on the website.

** Today we picked her up at the vet..she had already tiny babies growing inside her. Recovering now and in good hands with Christel 🙂

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