How to feed two birds with one plate? 

Living in Ibiza I’m so happy we took our mountainbikes with us. Never knew how important a bike could be for your well-being, especially when you move to a different place where biking is not that common as you thought it would be. 

That bike is a life-saver, a joy-bringer, a gate to freedom.

I’m fully accountable 😉 Really, people on Ibiza should bike more. Obviously the Dutch DNA tells you to bike. Especially when there’s so much to enjoy during the ride and the temperature won’t rise to sweaty levels yet. So, wintertime (14 C) is just perfect. It brings so much joy as you struggle your way up and as you go down-hill Es Vèdra pops up at the blue horizon. Total bliss.

Today no blue skies at all, but it’s a rainy, grey and cold day. Nevertheless I can’t wait to jump on the bike to test my new bike-items (bags, lights, mirror) which my sweet man gave me. No more veggies and bottles of red wine sticking in my back. Yay! 

Yes, we do have a car (our Silver Shadow van 😉 so why bother that much? Because we feel so much better using our bikes. It’s free, free energy and it’s super healthy for body & mind. Doing your (daily) shopping and work-out at once. You won’t need an expensive gym-membership anymore. 

You see, feed two birds with one plate!  Or: kill two birds with one stone..(not so animal-friendly 😉

Just free exercise by using free-energy.  That brings me to the protests in Ibiza of last year against the oil-drilling.. Free, alternative energy is something we all want, don’t we?       We – most of us – are aware of the mass pollution we cause with driving cars and travel by planes. Besides, by doing this we give our support to the oil-industry. As long as we keep on driving our cars and filling it up with petrol, the oil-prospections will continue with all consequences resulting from this. We, car-owners, have the power. It’s simple: Supply and demand. 

That’s why I think Ibiza should protest against the oil-drillings in the Mediterranean Sea by coming to these manifestations by bike and please leave your thirsty 4×4 at home. And bike way, way more. 

Feel that freedom of free energy! 

Isn’t that a great reason to take your bike and go?  I say “yes” !   What do you say Ibiza? 

Photo: Gybizia

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