Smiles, Hearts & Healing Vibes

I’m thinking of my sweet sister-in-law. She has been operated and lies in a hospital-bed right now. My brother told me this morning she’s in pain as a result of the wound and because some organs need to find their place back and need to settle down in her body again. 

Recovering. Patience is what it takes. Healing is what her body needs.

From a distance I’m sending love and attention to my sweet sister- in -law. My dear friend will send Reiki-energy to her: channelled, universal, healing energy.

From a distance I’m thinking of you sweet Sister. 

Wishing you healing power to relief the pain. 

I’m sending lots of smiles, hearts and healing vibes.

Big hug to you, lieve Natje ❤️


When thoughts grew calm and human will was silent, 

the healing came,

Gentle and natural as an opening flower,

Within the freedom of true self-surrender,

We feel the healing touch of Love’s all-power

~ Greta Claxton

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