sweet bird

fly high sweet bird

and look for yourself 

above, below, next to you 

soaring away where the seabreeze takes you 

or turn and change direction  

when you feel lost and darkness hunts you 

there is no one, right, way,  

sweet bird in the sky, 

you have yours and I have mine  

impossible to find freedom in a simple lie 

you cage yourself with hopeless sadness,  

sweet bird, please see,  

the truth will be a ugly one  

once you decide to lose your little key 

so why won’t you set yourself free, 

sweetbird, from sorrow and pain  

let dark clouds in the sky above 

pass away and let them rain 

I want you to live, sweetbird,  

to be in this beautiful, heavy world 

and fly away to peaceful blue skies 

when you need it most 

you will never be alone, sweetbird,  

wherever you will decide to go to

there are people who truly care out there  

and you know, I will just forever love you  

my sweet bird…

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