Ibiza Magic

On Ibiza all you need is less..

The past week I have been the lucky driver of this fantastic car. Driving around my Amsterdam friend, who came over for five days, to Wild Beets (mmmmm delicious!) in Santa Gertrudis and her reiki-treatment in Santa Eularia. Big smile behind the wheel! Oh I love this Fiat 500! It felt like we were made for each other as soon as I sat down on the driver’s seat. Really everything is so cute about this car. “Yes, once I will buy a Fiat 500. I want to have it!”, I screamed -happy as a child – to my always patient man next to me on the passenger’s seat. 

“You already have it. And you’re enjoying it now”, he calmly responded. 

Don’t like to say it, but he’s totally right! 

You don’t have to be a owner of something to enjoy it.

I had rented this car for a week (got a nice deal:) at Autos Cala Sol and I’ll rent it again in the future. Simple as that:)

Most of us tend to possess something when it pleases us. Immediately. You probably will recognize that greedy feeling coming up when you find yourself in a shop surrounded by so much beauty. You want to  h a v e  it! -All of it 😉

For over the last 14 months, the time we have lived on Ibiza, I hardly bought any clothes, shoes, make-up, things most women buy to feel good. Mainly because I didn’t earn money during my sabbatical and I wanted to take it slowly with spending the money I saved, but also because I feel I don’t need it. All you need is less! 🙂 Here on Ibiza it’s a principle I believe in. And you know what? It’s simple and -for me- very true.

Probably because I see so much beauty around me, outside in nature, which causes a different focus on daily life and the things you always thought you needed them. I only have to look around me to see the green trees, sunny skies, pink almond blossom, lemon-trees, christal blue sea, wild flowers, a sky full of stars at night..

That all makes my day!! – and brings me true happiness.

That aren’t things which you can own. In fact, that aren’t even things. 

Dutch writer and blogger and Green Gorilla, who previously worked as a jurist/legal counsel in the Netherlands. I chose to live my life on the sunny Balearic Islands in simplicity, with respect to our beautiful planet, together with my soulmate and our two rescued cats. EVALUNES has been created to share my writings about the things I care. I write with love. Con Amor. Always.

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