Monday 23rd of March

My brother’s birthday…my sister is ill. What a hell of a day…feeling angry. Feeling so much anger inside of me, because my family and I are waiting for one week… 

Last Tuesday a doctor told my sister she might has cancer. The world has changed…again. 

I find myself between hope and fear and this Tuesday morning we will know. The test results will be known in a couple of hours. The waiting…this last’s so hard..

And we are not alone.

Many people hear dreadful news each day. Cancer. 

But I hope this doctor is terribly wrong. That it’s one big mistake. One big lie.

One week of living in the unknown…what kind of news will we hear? What will it be? I find it almost inhuman to live like this. Total madness. Therefore I feel anger. It doesn’t help me, I am aware of that yes. Crying from anger tonight, can’t help it. Having no control, no power, but to wait and see.. 

At the same time I do know my sis is incredibly strong, she has faith she can beat this and she will recover from all this. Our worlds upside down I need to have faith in what will come this morning ahead of us. Please God let her be safe. Take care of her. She must be alright. Let love strengthen her. Let us be safe. 


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