Thank you God! Thank you Universe!

My sweet sister is safe!

This morning 10am we could shake off a heavy blanket that has covered us for a very long week. A heavy heart, feeling light again, free from fear after this troubled week without end…

My sis does not have cancer! The results of the scan showed no cancer and no metastases in the liver. According to the oncologist she’s a very lucky lady…We cried from happiness. Can’t hardly describe it. Crying, laughing, jumping…all tension released. She’s sick yes and she will get more tests, but it’s sure her body shows no signs of any cancer. Still, I cannot understand why the oncologist has communicated it this way….without 100% evidence…saying she had to prepare for the worst..


The world has a different face since today! 🙏

Biggest fears and heavy clouds have dissolved….feeling so thankful for this miracle. My deepest wish has become reality. I feel, life will never be the same. Forever grateful for this outcome. Blessed. Safe. 

Thank you God, thank you Universe! 

Thank you!

Photo by Goddess_Rising.

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