Raif Badawi and the Happy Shares on Social Media

Did you ever notice that when you post something on social media that isn’t a holiday picture, a gorgeous sunset, a selfie, your baby or cat, your fitness workout/yoga or you in a cool restaurant/club, your active friends/followers become all of a sudden quiet?

You hardly get any “likes” or comments?

It’s oh so quiet..shh shhh?

Happy stuff

Since I use social media platforms as Facebook and Instagram for several years now this is quite familiar to me.

Yesterday for example I reposted a video about the writer Raif Badawi who’s already 6 years in prison in Saudi Arabia, because he expressed his thoughts about the regime and Islam in Saudi Arabia. It almost cost him his life. Interesting to see that when I post a picture of a beautiful sunny Sunday on Ibiza quite some of my Instagram followers seem to like it whereas the video and words about Raif Badawi hardly has any views. And really this isn’t the first time and I always wonder why.

Do people only want to see happy stuff on social media? Or is it because they don’t know what to do about the injustice, it’s hopeless what they see, and therefore they decide not to pay further attention? Is it because it’s too far from their existence? Or is it because they just don’t care?

I always wonder why. Social media, it’s a fascinating subject. Earlier I wrote a piece about it on this blog. I was fed up with the fakeness on social media. I was disappointed about the way many of us are using social media. The emptiness I saw — and still see. Then quit if you don’t like it, stop whining about it (I hear you)!

Of course, I know I can, but I decided to stay as I — between the hollow words and images — still find inspiration on social media and it can be fun to have some glimpses into the lives of family and friends abroad.

I’m not the type of person who only shares how beautiful Ibiza is or post pictures of places where I’m having my dinner or glass of wine (in my warm home ;). At times I post about issues that are happening in the world and which mean something to me and that isn’t happy stuff: violations of human rights, injustice, people suffering from war, the brutal way animals are treated by humans, the plastic in the oceans. You see, the sad stuff.

Love-hate relationship

I accepted I just have a love-hate relationship with social media and I will stop complaining about it once and for all. Maybe also start accepting the possibility that quite some of us don’t want to see sadness and injustice on their social media pages, or at least don’t feel the need to comment on it, but rather see the sunny side of life in their social news feed.

Everyone should post on social media whatever they find worth sharing. It’s your place so you can do whatever you want. We are still the lucky ones who are free to express ourselves (in whatever way that is).

Raif Badawi wasn’t.


Con Amor,



P.S. Any thoughts? Be welcome to share them with me.




  1. Hahaha….ja…dat komt mij bekend voor!
    Mensen willen alleen leuke dingen zien en niet de narigheid all over the world.
    En waarschijnlijk weten ze ook niet hoe te reageren.
    Gewoon door blijven posten!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ik weet het 😉 We kunnen er vaak ook zo weinig aan doen. Alleen het herhalen van het slechte nieuws kunnen mensen ook weinig mee. Mochten we daadwerkelijk iets aan de ellende kunnen doen, zou het misschien anders zijn? Een call to action erbij zetten (als dat er is) of anders formuleren van de posts? Food for thought 😉 Thank you XX


  2. I think it’s OK if you want to use it solely as a space of positivity … & if people don’t want to hear about issues in the world I guess that is there choice. I actually like it for hearing about issues in the world (& maybe a small contribution I can make from their advice) or to listen to views not like my own – to make me think. My worry is that social media polarizes people, because they just surround themselves with like minded views … I guess that’s their choice & one I have to accept 🙂 I agree we should always be grateful for our freedom of voice.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your comments, You.Yoga.Now 🙂
      I totally agree on what you say about preaching to the choir and yes, people are free to hear about issues in the world or not. It’s their choice. We are free persons. Often we don’t know what to about the bad stuff in the world anyway, because most of the time it isn’t in our hands. Perhaps it could be different if there’s a call to action.

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  3. Hi Eef missxhien is t precies zoals je zegt: mensen gebruiken social media voor inspiratie. Inspiratie voor hun eigen leven en positieve inspiratie is prettiger dan geconfronteerd worden met leed waar je eigenlijk niet veel aan kan veranderen (behalve een petitie tekenen).
    Misschien zit t m niet in het leed maar meer of 1) er iets aan te veranderen is of 2) hoe dicht bij huis het is.
    En een duimpje omhoog bij leed is ook wat tegenstrijdig vind ik altijd:-)!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Gloortje, thanks voor je commentaar 🙂
      Precies, we kunnen er vaak zo weinig aan doen. En dat duimpje omhoog ja inderdaad, dat past dan helemaal niet bij dergelijke posts. Heb daar zelf ook vaak moeite mee! XX


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