The Best Things In Life Are Free

Saying goodbye to things and moments which are gone. How are you with this?

…Decided to put our Amsterdam house on the market and preparing it for possible buyers at the moment. Tidying up things in the house. 39 years through my hands.

Such beautiful loving things I have seen again after all these years this past pictures, sweet notes from my dad, my mum who gave me many children books, my first ballet shoes, leotard with matching leg warmers, notebooks of primary school, tons of (birthday)-cards from my sister, friends and family, neverending Madonna stuff, music tapes, my walkman, old school agenda’s, a little diary which I wrote when I was 10 years old, school papers, law school books and exams, first contract…and many things more.

I hardly could sleep these past nights. So many moments. The memories kept me awake. Times of joy and bliss, but like any other human life times of grief and misfortune have passed by too.

It’s all about saying goodbye to a time which is gone and never comes back. According to the ancient Greeks it’s Katharsis. This farewell of material things is supposed to be “purifying”. It makes space for new inspiration, new experiences. Precious moments I carry with me and I believe there’s no need to say goodbye to these. All of them I keep in my heart.

Yes the house…I love this place. I always will. I’m convinced someone will fall in love with this superbeautiful, small apartment with a spacy atmospheric “Mediterranean-garden”-experience whilst living a city-life.  I will miss you house.  I’ve had one of the best times of my life here. Our love nest


I feel thankful and heartbroken for all these beautiful things. Especially now we know my beloved sister is safe at last – the growth in her liver is benign – and my mum turns 75 today (happy birthday beautiful mum!) , I must think of this:

The best things in life are free Hell they are!!


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