Being out of balance isn’t always bad

To keep your balance you need to keep on moving, right?

True, but focus and concentration can also be helpful. Not too much though…allow yourself to let things go as well and go with the flow. To relax and accept things as they come…the good and bad. The excitement of ocean waves or the flatness of the Dutch earth.

I like to be in balance. I think too much sometimes. If I don’t have it I feel lost or nervous. There’s hiding an unpleasant controlfreak in me. Controlfreaks.. many women are like that. An ex-boyfriend once said that I’m a controlfreak and I never forget how insulted I felt. Like it was something terrible. To be like that. Imagine…!

Ibiza teaches me to accept..the things.. and about who I am and especially who I am not. I have the time, I’ll get there 🙂 Flexibility is also a good asset to have. Especially here. Actually, you have to be flexible as things always go differently here on the island (island-life…).

To mention just an example…Dorus and I finally would go on a canoe-trip. We were looking forward to it enormously as we have spoken for months about how nice it would be to explore the beautiful coast near Cala Comte and Es Vedra. So last Thursday we went. On a full moon romantic canoe-trip. The Sun went down and the Moon showed us her fullness with the Sun’s shining light. And all this while we were not in a canoe, but standing on a surfboard peddling our way forward!* From Cala Codolar to Cala Comte and back. I was feeling nervous, not at ease, but excited the same time, like always when I’m about to do things I’ve never done before. After all, I imagined myself to be in a canoe that evening. Anyway, I always wanted to do this on Ibiza, SUP, so this was my big chance. Except for some problems to keep my balance with the waves under me, I felt relaxed on the surfboard enjoying every second of it. When I felt not in balance – most of the time ! – I simply sat down and peddled along. Why doing difficult?

Dorus fell off on the way back when the wind became stronger, but managed to keep in balance the whole time. Discovering the shore like that, with SUP, is beautiful and I can recommend it to everyone. Exploring the “calas” with a different view, a different perspective felt even like a meditation-experience. At sunset and full moon it was magical. Loved it! I’ll go again and will try to stand up a bit longer.

Biking home in wet underwear (haven’t thought about bringing a bikini..) with the full moon guiding us was a fabulous ending of the day!


Check this out:

* We were invited by Dorus’ friend and we ourselves were assuming we would go it had nothing to do with the organisation 😉

* Beautiful pic is from Instagram to give you an impression.



Author: Eva De Vor

Dutch writer and blogger, who previously worked as a jurist/legal counsel in the Netherlands. I chose to live my life on the sunny Balearic Islands in simplicity, with respect to our beautiful planet, together with my soulmate, rescue cat and a bunch of chickens. EVALUNES has been created to share my writings about the things I care. I write with love. Con Amor. Always.

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