Staring inside..

It’s been a while since the last post. Why? Did I sweat too much? Did I work 6 days a week to serving the enormous stream of tourists that visited the island? Or did I lie in a hammock the whole day? Very close.. The Summer flew by this year. Not too much was happening in my life this Summer though. Often at days, it was way too hot to do anything except for having a swim and multiple cold showers to cool off. Anyway, I shouldn’t complian. It was a beautiful time and now we are in the middle of Autumn I love the island even more. My second Autumn on Ibiza.

The light, the colourful skies, the clouds, the soft temperature during’s still possible to have a swim in the sea and only the people who are dwelling on the island are left. The island turns more inward, like Autumn stands for. Thoughts and actions turn more inward in Autumn. No more bright shining, harsh sun and busy, open sounds this time of year, but a deep sense of calmness flows around. Farewell to what has been: a beautiful warm Summer with many promises. In Autumn we can shake off old patterns and make new plans by looking inward.

Looking inward and realize what you have will give you a peaceful mind and more satisfaction. I think it’s so much easier though to follow this principle at a place which is surrounded by lots of beauty. Still, anyone at most places can do it. Besides, the realization you have nothing to run for, like war and violence, like tons of people have to these days, is already a wonderful gift.

Look inward and realize what you have and you’ll see there’s so much to be grateful for… such as a big sister who was very ill and on her way to recovery now.

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