A Minimalist Life – part II –

It wasn’t planned yet, but it’s time now to say goodbye to our “Silver Shadow”, our grey van.

After some expensive repairs last year, she needs one again and therefore failed the ITV (the test vehicles need to undergo in Spain every year or 6 months). Three years ago we travelled with this van fully packed with our belongings – and our adopted cat! – from Amsterdam to Ibiza. She was already old by then and we were only supposed to drive 100 km/h across the French and Spanish motorways and certainly not push the limits. That would be too much for her. In the French mountains she almost didn’t make it.


As a contracter’s vehicle this van has carried a lot of weight for quite some years already and during all sorts of weather conditions: from heavy rain to snow storms. On Ibiza she wasn’t spared either. Since two years we have decided to drive this van merely consciously. That means as less as possible as we believe the oil industry is harmful for people and planet and to save money as well. Only for work or if biking is too much we decided to take her. Further we wanted to spare the “Silver Shadow.” Four months ago was her latest expensive repair of almost 900 euros. Now once again it will cost probably around 600 euros or more to repair her. This means we decided the moment has arrived we need to say goodbye to our beloved van “Silver Shadow”.  She has served us wonderfully as second-hand van for eight years. “Silver Shadow” brought us to Paris and the South of France before. Her final destination will be Granada. A friend will use her as storage/sleeping place in Granada where he just founded an ecological centre (a new “Casita Verde”).

la foto


What will it mean for us to be without car? I hardly drove in it as I found the van too big to park anyway. It made me nervous when I had to park and there wasn’t much space and people in cars were waiting for me, I’m not good at this 😉 . It would mean we couldn’t go to (dinner) parties with friends who live in the North of the island that easy, at least not without staying the night after a long bike ride and late nocturnal hours. What else? Perhaps it could have consequences for my man’s projects? He’s already quite selective what to accept so probably that will work out fine. We might become more isolated as we constantly need to travel by bike?  Uhhmmm yes.. And if family or friends visit us, they need to take a cab from the airport. Groceries we already do by bike. Besides my office is at home, so nothing to worry about. Yes it would become a bit of a challenge to live without a car, but certainly not unthinkable. Further it perfectly fits in our minimalist lifestyle. We just try and see how it goes, why not? For sure, we have faith we can do this on Ibiza and even without a lot of hassle. It’s all about priorities.. Yes, we are ready for the challenge to be carless!


A few days later in the evening my man came home from his project (making a sustainable tiny house on wheels or eco-wagon as he calls it) with a key in his hand.

It’s the key of…

… a litte car!

It’s old, but it drives. Our friend insisted we should take it; he lent it to us. Such a surprise. Last week we drove to a friend’s dinner party in the North we probably could not have gone to by bike. It’s tempting to take the car, it’s easy yes, but we keep our goal in mind. It won’t change much.

We just keep on biking and use this car very consciously!

la foto

Don’t be afraid to make your life simple(r).

Con Amor,




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