When Things became Clear and I Could no longer Stay.

Last month I made the difficult decision to quit my job. Things became suddenly so clear that I could no longer stay.

To take the decision itself wasn’t that hard as my whole being felt this isn’t right anymore. I feel grateful to be supported in this change by my positive rock-solid man.

Three years ago I started this job. It helped me to settle down on Ibiza after we left Amsterdam and decided to become residents of this island. I was thankful for that, especially since it isn’t always easy to build a life here the whole year round.

Since a couple of months I have discovered my loyalty and the work I have done, don’t matter. When money becomes an issue something ugly appears to the surface. I know. I have seen it.

After these years in which the job went well it’s rather disappointing to notice that I, as a worker, wasn’t truly appreciated. When I decided to stand up for myself my gut feeling said to pay attention and what I asked for won’t be appreciated. “Why are you start talking about your monthly wage? These are Ibizan wages and are standard here”, my inner conversation sounded.  And it turned out my gut feeling, my intuition, has told me the truth – like it always does. Even the inner voice appeared to be a real voice afterwards.

I never intended to do this job for many years, but after being a loyal, responsible and trustworthy worker for three years, at least I hoped to grow financially. That would have kept me motivated for another year and would have compensated the raising rent. Now that part didn’t work out, no proposal was done to try to keep me on board. Every business owner has to do what he or she has to do and he surely isn’t obliged to agree on every single aspect. Of course not. However, this was the first time ever in the past three years I wanted something and I can say it has brought me some interesting insights.

These are my last two weeks in this job. The work for a company which keeps on growing superfast and which is full of successes.

So, what’s next?

I have decided to follow what makes me happy, which is writing. Yes, I’m a bit nervous, but excited as well.

The fact is, at crucial moments in my life writing always wanted my attention. Now this is the ultimate chance. To do good things that are worthwhile to me and hopefully others. After all, we have only one life here, so we’d better have a meaningful and fulfilling life in which we cherish faith towards the moment and the near future. A life in which we can grow and share our passions with each other. A standstill isn’t an option. Certainly not when we believe we deserve better in life.


Con Amor,







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