A Different Christmas Coziness.

It’s so quiet on Ibiza these days. Saturday I was doing some last minute Christmas groceries on my bicycle in San Antonio. The whole day I wasn’t feeling well. Dorus was away. When I felt a bit better I finally went, the evening was already falling. It’s moreless an hour on the bicycle to the vegetable and fruit market and an hour back, so it isn’t exactly on the corner. The full moon was rising and seemed to be enormous – or was I just feverish?

Christmas scenes

When I biked home and passed by the Suma supermarket to get a few other things I noticed it’s so quiet on the streets these days and although there are Christmas decorations – not as much as in the Netherlands – it doesn’t fill me with Christmas feelings. When I was visiting the Netherlands a couple of weeks ago I saw the city streets changing into Christmas scenes and shops were abundantly decorated with bells, balls, angel hair and pine leaves. It’s so cozy, especially when Dutch days are shorter and darker. It’s typical Dutch to make it “gezellig” – best translation: “cozy” – everywhere. With our fifth Christmas on Ibiza I have discovered coziness has just a different meaning here. You see it in the Ibizan streets, the shops, the restaurants, the houses: the tacky white and blue lights are cold and red lights are flickering like you are at a fair ground. The Spanish residents don’t seem to bother as long as they’re eating and drinking with their families and friends. That’s how they make it cozy, with heaps of food, wine and people.

Burning wood

On Ibiza it’s a different December world. With spring temperatures during the day I’m wearing a t-shirt on the bicycle. The December sun shines like gold; the daylight has this magical golden glow. In the evening it cools off quickly and you can smell the burning wood of the fire places everywhere. I love this scent. When the evening air is chilly, there’s nothing better than the smell of burning wood.

Dutch Christmas days

Yesterday afternoon we went foraging for mushrooms, rosemary and thyme in the forest close to Casita Verde for tomorrow’s Christmas brunch and it’s amazingly green everywhere. When the island feels like relaxing and breathing without many people on it, it feels special and such a different world. No wintery coziness and lit candles on dark afternoons these December days on Ibiza, but in my mind I see gezellige images of Dutch Christmas days. Especially of my sister who’s always decorating her home like crazy; she truly knows to make a Christmas atmosphere with warm tiny lights, a decorated tree and angel feathery wings. Maria, Josef, baby Jesus in his crib and the three visiting kings, they all found a warm place to stay in her home.

Three different worlds

The beginning of December I was lucky to enjoy a festive pre-Christmas family dinner with my brother, sister-in-law and nephews in their beautifully renovated Belgian countryhome. Those three worlds – Netherlands, Belgium and Ibiza – are so different, but exist together in love! And I’m thankful to know all of them.

Merry Christmas! 🌟
Wherever you are.

Con Amor,


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