The stillness of Ibiza winter

Ibiza Summer is in full swing, it has that great dynamics and vibrant atmosphere, but it’s also damn busy with loads of tourists and cars. A few days ago I walked in the hills near our home and only one runner (you must be crazy running with the sun burning on your sweaty skin!) passed by. It’s simply beautiful to walk on the small paths where you çan hear the singing of birds and the noise of crickets. Only that. Now and then I passed a casa de payés hidden in the hills.

Suddenly a longing for winter came up as it is my favourite time on the island. Winters here are magical. It’s in the skies, the sunlight, the weather (soft and sunny!), the lonely beaches, the tourists who have returned to their homes… It’s just peaceful here.

Oh no, nothing wrong with Summer on Ibiza. In a certain way I like the business and liveliness the many people bring to the island when they spend their holidays here, all the nice chiringuito’s, bars and restaurants that are open. However, I can’t help thinking of winter now and then. I really look forward to it. Such a great expectation. I’m feeling blessed by the thought of it… Magical Winter with your breathtaking sunsets.. It feels home to me.

First we’ll have some Summer holiday celebrations with family that visits the island tonight. We already have had a nice week with Dorus nephews and niece. Yesterday Heidi, our beloved ex-neighbour and philosopher from Amsterdam, dropped by with her partner to see us in our little paradise. So great to have seen her again! She told us about her plans to write a book. Of course it must be about philosophy, intersectional feminism, activism…The topics she’s so passionate about. Immediately I spoke with her about winters on Ibiza. The tranquility it breathes…

A perfect time, a perfect place to write that book!





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